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Wyoming Trophy Mountain Lion Hunts

Package Price


For 7 days, 1x1 hunt

This Price Includes

1x1 professional guide service, accommodations and meals, all in-field transportation and free loaner firearms.

*Non-hunting observers can be 
included for $250/day


Our lion hunts are conducted from mid-November through February, utilizing a pack of well-trained hounds to pursue these big cats. Depending on snow conditions, a mix of 4x4 trucks, ATV’s, snowmobiles and horses or mules may be used to travel throughout our lion country.


Wyoming Contract

We were recently honored to be on contract with the Wyoming Game & Fish Department for the removal of lions that are either inhabiting populated areas or causing problems with livestock. Obviously, this is a strong endorsement of our reputation as lion hunting experts and our great hounds.


Personal Physical Condition

Due to the potential for deep snow and steep, rugged terrain, lion hunts can be physically demanding and we urge all of our clients to arrive in fit condition and ready to hunt.


Accommodations range from staying at one of our guides houses, to local motels or comfortable cabins, with all meals provided.

Getting There

Fly into Casper, WY and rent a car to drive to the hunting area.


Available over the counter at a price of approximately $373.

Success Rate

Due to superior genetics and a strong prey base, the mountains of central and western Wyoming produce exceptional trophy quality lions. While some of this hunting takes place on public lands, we also have exclusive leases on the best private ranches in these areas. We have successfully guided clients to numerous Pope & Young and Boone & Crockett quality trophies, while consistently maintaining one of the highest success rates in the industry. These hunts have claimed numerous awards, including the largest lion taken in the state for multiple years in a row.

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