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Wyoming: Trout Fishing


All trips include a professional guide and fully equipped drift boat for each fishing day, accommodations, meals, any necessary camping gear and free use of loaner fly rods & reels.


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Best Waters in the State

With over thirty (30) years of outfitting and guiding experience on the premier rivers of Wyoming, we have selected the very best waters in the state for our clients and fish them at the most productive times of the year.  Unlike a stationary guide service (which may be limited to fishing only one river all season), Five Star has the freedom to move about Wyoming, putting clients into the best fishing – wherever and whenever it happens to be.  From the early season nymph fishing on Grey Reef; and the red hot streamer fishing on the Upper Platte; through late season hoppers on the Green, Five Star will keep you in the peak of the action.



Upper North Platte: Package #1

Includes Cabin Accommodations, priced as follows:


$975 / person for 3 nights / 2 days

Double Occupancy; $1,800 / person single.


$1,475 / person for 4 nights / 3 days

Double Occupancy; $2,800 / person single.

Upper North Platte: Package #2

Includes a combination of Cabins and Camping, priced as follows:


$1,025 / person for 2 nights / 2 days

Double Occupancy (minimum group size of 4 anglers)


$1,525 / person for 3 nights / 3 days

Double Occupancy
(min group size of 4 anglers)

$975 - $2,800

$1,025 - $1,525

Upper North Platte

Without question, the Upper Platte is the best freestone river in the state and a favorite of both our guide staff and longtime clients.  Shortly after the run-off peaks and the river begins to drop and clear, the streamer fly fishing here can be nothing short of phenomenal.  There is a good mix of both browns and rainbows, with the brown trout comprising about 70% of the population and rainbows making up the other 30%.  Competent casters, who are familiar with fishing streamer flies, can expect to catch lots of fish each day and a good chance for trout exceeding 20”.


Spin fishing is also very effective here
and many a youngster has caught his
or her first wild trout on one of these


This is by far the most scenic
river that we fish, with big remote
canyons, conifer forests and mild


It’s our favorite place for
overnight camping floats and we
know many secret spots that we
usually have all to ourselves.  We
supply all of the camping gear and
utilize supply rafts for hauling the
gear and groceries.  You also have the
option of staying in modern cabins,
lodges or hotels in the area.


Grey Reef: Pricing

Includes Cabin Accommodations, priced as follows:


$895 / person for 3 nights / 2 days

Double Occupancy, $1,725 / person single.


$1,345 / person for 4 nights / 3 days

Double Occupancy, $2,550 / person single.

$1,725 -$2,550 

The Grey Reef

Consistently rated as one of the greatest tail-waters in the American West, Grey Reef is very popular with our clients and fly anglers targeting trophy trout.  The fish are big; there are plenty of them; and the fishing is quite easy and non-technical.  Like most tail-waters, Grey Reef is primarily a rainbow fishery, though there are also some huge browns and cutthroats.  Typically, nymph fishing is the most productive tactic, with the months of March – June being prime time.


When conditions are right, it is not
uncommon to have 20-50 fish/rod
days, with a good number of trout
exceeding 20”.  Most of our clients
choose to stay in our riverside cabins
here, which are very modern and
fully equipped/furnished.

$1,150 -$3,050 

Green River

The Green below Fontenelle is another great tail-water fishery that is just starting to come into its own.  While there is the opportunity for some excellent nymph fishing in the spring and early summer, we also have great hopper fishing in August & September.  Lots of good sized
trout and very few anglers are the
main attractions here.  It’s also a
fairly easy river to fish, so even fly
fishing novices can do quite well. 


We base out of nice motels in the
town of LaBarge, or provide
comfortable camps on the river.


Green River : Pricing

Includes Motel Accommodations, priced as follows:


$1,150 / person for 3 nights / 2 days

Double Occupancy, $2,200 / person single.


$1,595 / person for 4 nights / 3 days

Double Occupancy, $3,050 / person single.

Custom Designed Trips

We provide a fully equipped drift boat for each two anglers, along with the services of a highly experienced guide/oarsman.  Generally, you can expect to float from 8-20 miles of river each day and at times we may combine a bit of wade fishing with the drifting.  Our guides emphasize a well-rounded approach to fishing:  with catching fish, working on skills and enjoying the outdoors all being components to a successful trip.  We specialize in custom designing trips to meet each client’s specific interests and desires, having found that many clients prefer the flexibility of planning a trip that best suits their interests.



Additionally, we offer a range of options for accommodations, including:


Riverside lodges, cabins, comfortable hotels and deluxe camps on remote stretches of river.  Many clients really enjoy the option of camping along the river each night of their float trip, as it provides the greatest amount of fishing time and the opportunity to experience camping out in a remote and scenic area of the river.  Other clients prefer all the comforts of a modern cabin or hotel, with hot showers, comfortable beds and excellent meals.  Again, we leave the choice of lodging up to you and will even allow you to combine some camping with a cabin or hotel stay.


Fly into Laramie, WY for the Upper North Platte River; Casper, WY for the Grey Reef; and Rock Springs, WY for the Lower Green.  Secure a rental car and meet your guide at point of outfitting.

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