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Iowa: Monster Whitetails

Package Price

$3,500 to $4,750

5 day gun (shotgun or muzzleloader are $4,500.

5 day late season muzzleloader hunts are $3,500.

5 day archery hunts are $4,750.

Tax and license fees are additional. 

This Price Includes

Lodging, meals, full guide service and field care of trophy and meat.


Archery hunts: Early October through early December of each year and provide opportunities during pre and peak rut periods. 

Gun hunts: Early to mid-December of each year 

Late season muzzleloader: Late December through mid-January.


The farm country, rolling hills, creek bottoms and superior genetics of southern Iowa consistently produce some of the best trophy whitetails in North America. Our outfitter holds exclusive leases to thousands of acres of prime habitat in famed Zone 4 and closely manages this land for trophy whitetails. Archery, muzzleloader and shotgun (with slugs) hunts are offered and all hunts include full guide service, comfortable lodging and home-cooked meals. 


These hunts regularly produce bucks averaging over 150", with several 160"-180" bucks taken every season. Best of all, the hunts are priced very reasonably, making this one of the best values today for serious trophy whitetail hunters. 


If you're looking for a serious trophy whitetail hunt at a great price, this hunt is an excellent choice. Interested clients should begin purchasing preference points now, especially if they are interested in an archery hunt. Please call our office if you need any assistance with applying for a license or purchasing a point and we'll be glad to assist you.



We have Two Lodges and 2 Outpost Camps.  We spend most of our Archery and Early Gun Season in the Lodges, but when deer movement changes or we have had enough success on certain farms we deem it necessary to move to our outpost camps to offer the client the best chance at success.

This is simply done to avoid a long drive to and from the stand, as some of our farm clusters can be as far as 50 miles apart.

If an outpost is not to your liking, we also offer Hotel Lodging too.  This is usually during the Late Season of Muzzleloader. 

Getting There

Fly into Des Moines, Iowa where the outfitter will pick you up,
or drive directly to the lodge.


Iowa is a "license draw state" and non-residents should have at least 1 point for gun hunts (either muzzleloader or shotgun) and 3 points for archery hunts. The license application period runs from early May through early June of each year and this is also the time to purchase preference points. You can purchase a preference point for just $50 by going online to the hunting section of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources website.

Success Rate

Details coming soon

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