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Desert Bighorn Sheep in Sonora, Mexico

Package Price


For 10 days
All-inclusive sheep hunts.

This Price Includes

1x1 professional guide service, scouts & interpreters, camp or ranch house accommodations, all meals, license, gun permit and export permits, field care of trophy and meat, airport transfers.


November 20 through March 15 of every year.


If you need a Desert bighorn to complete your slam, this is the outfit to go with.  We’ve hunted with and booked clients for others, but nobody can compete with this outfitter.


There are two primary regions to hunt:  Sonora and Baja, with a few tags also being available in Chihuahua.  By far, Sonora consistently offers the best hunting, with excellent trophy quality, high hunter success and terrain that is manageable for most sheep hunters.  While Baja may offer lower priced hunts, the rams here are smaller, the success is lower and the terrain can be daunting – even for experienced mountain hunters.


Depending on where the sheep are you will be staying in a
tent camp or renting a house. 

Getting There

Fly into Hermosillo, Mexico where you will be met at the airport.


Guaranteed Landowner Tags

For most hunters pursuing the Grand Slam of North American wild sheep, the Desert bighorn is usually the last of the 4 species to take.  While there are some very good Desert sheep hunting in the states of Nevada and Arizona, the odds of a non-resident hunter ever drawing a tag are extremely remote, so many devoted sheep hunters opt to finish the final leg of their slam in Mexico, where guaranteed landowner tags are available.

Success Rate

100% Success Rate Since 1996

This is where the experience and wisdom of Five Star Expeditions can really pay off, as two members of our staff and many of our best clients have taken slams of sheep.  Our staff and our clients have hunted both Sonora and Baja, so we can objectively evaluate the two.  We also attend the special sheep conventions and regularly network with other sheep hunters and outfitters.  All of this research has led us to one outfitter in Sonora and to say the least, their track record is very impressive!


Here are just some of the statistics for this hunt:



  1. Since they started their outfit in 1996, they have maintained a success rate of 100% on all rifle hunts.  That’s a perfect record for 17 years!

  2. The average hunt only takes 4 days - though they allow for a full 10 days of hunting.

  3. The average score for their rams over the years is 163, with many 170+ rams taken.

  4. Their hunt price is all-inclusive, with the license, gun permit and export permits all factored in, so you don’t have to worry about lots of add-ons.

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