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Alaskan Trophy Moose & Grizzly Hunt

Package Price


9 full days of 1x1 hunting for trophy moose, grizzly, black bear, wolf and wolverine

*NRHPF fee of $150 not included

This Price Includes

1x1 Professional Guide Service, camp accommodations, all meals, equipment, pre-scouting, flights from base camp, field care of trophies and meat. 


September 2-12 and September 12-22 of each year


This Alaskan Master Guide consistently produces some of the very best moose & grizzly trophies to come out of Alaska every year. Located in a remote area of the Kuskokwim and Killbuck Mountains, this outfitting service has operated in the same game management units for over 30 years. The owner has logged over 15,000 hours piloting light aircraft in this area and most of his guides have been with him for many years.


They have intimate, firsthand knowledge of the area and will take you to where they have scouted the best trophies. They have a full service lodge in the heart of their areas and hunt from well supplied spike camps that are strategically located for optimum trophy hunting. Over the years, many clients have taken both record book moose and grizzly on these hunts, with black bear, wolf and wolverine also being available.


Several clients have taken as many as 4 species on these hunts and their reports read like something from the Alaskan wilderness of years ago. If you’re looking for a high-success hunt for outstanding moose and grizzly trophies, this outfitter produces just that.


More information coming soon

Getting There

You can fly into Aniak, Alaska and take the air charter to base camp for an
additional $500.


As the outfitter is a license vendor, hunting licenses and tags can be purchased in camp.

Success Rate

Coming soon

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