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Giant Brown Bears: Alaskan Peninsula

Package Price

$32,500 - $37,500

For 11 days, includes air charter

These hunts book up way in advance, so call to secure

This Price Includes

1x1 Professional guide service, camp accommodations, meals, all in-field transportation and trophy care.


Even Years: May 10th - 31st
Odd Years: October 1st - 20th 


Largest Brown Bears in the World

The largest Brown bears in the world live in Alaska – not Russia, not Kamchatka, not anywhere other than Alaska.  This is a proven fact, supported by biological data from both North American and Asian biologists.  Of the Alaskan Brown bears, the largest specimens come from the Alaskan Peninsula and Kodiak Island.


Hunt the Alaskan Peninsula

The old saying was:  “if you want big body bears hunt the Peninsula and if you want big skulls, hunt Kodiak”.  There is some truth to this old saying and Kodiak Island has indeed produced many bears with very large skulls, but the Alaskan Peninsula has also produced many record book bears and in recent years, is surpassing Kodiak for both body mass and skull measurements.  Kodiak also has a fairly complicated system for drawing licenses and their Brown bear population seems to just be stable, while the Peninsula population continues to grow and expand, so permits there are readily available over the counter.  The Peninsula Brown bear population has grown so much in recent years, that the spring seasons have now been expanded from 16 days to 22 days, running from May 10-31 in all even-numbered years.


The lodging varies from spike camps to rustic fishing cabins.

It depends on where the bears are located. 

Getting There

Fly into Cold Bay, Alaska (via Anchorage) and take the air charter to camp.


Available upon arrival in Alaska, or on-line prior to the hunt.

  • $160 for hunting license and $1000 for bear a tag

Success Rate

These are the reasons that we always recommend the Alaskan Peninsula for clients interested in the very best Brown bear hunts available.  However, in addition to being in the right area, you also have to be with a highly experienced outfitter, who has a proven track record of success.  Our outfitter here handily meets that criteria and is widely regarded as the very best trophy Brown bear outfitter in the industry.  He has over 30 years of experience with operating Peninsula Brown bear hunts; holds exclusive leases on the best private, native corporation lands;  and is known for his professionalism and attention to detail.  He’s an excellent bush pilot and has a crew of highly experienced guides operating from comfortable and strategically located spike camps throughout their vast territory.  If you’re looking for a big Brown bear and want to hunt the best area with a highly regarded outfitter, we’ve got the hunt for you.

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