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South Africa's Eastern Cape

Thirty African Species

With over 200,000 acres and more than 30 species to hunt, this great South African outfitter produces fantastic plains game safaris for our clients.  Situated some 125 miles north of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, this peaceful and malaria free hunting area is comprised of small mountains and scenic rocky outcroppings.  The outfitter has an extremely high regard for the ethics of hunting and takes the game management of their ranches very seriously.  The wildlife is continuously monitored to ensure that both quantity and trophy quality are maintained to the very highest standards.


Cape kudu, gemsbuck, nyala, bushbuck, Red hartebeest, Black & Blue wildebeest, springbuck, impala, Mountain reedbuck, blesbuck, sable, Cape buffalo and many other highly sought after species are all available here and the trophy quality is exceptional.


The Perfect Base

The lodge is a perfect base from which to hunt the surrounding area, featuring luxurious guest rooms and all the comforts of a small, upscale hotel.  Exquisite cuisine with varied menus that include local game and fine wines are standard fare here.  A perfect safari for couples, non-hunters will enjoy the full-service spa right on the premises, as well as horseback riding, shopping, day-trips to nearby game preserves, as well as lots of sightseeing and touring.  This safari is an excellent choice for your first African hunt or to add specific species like nyala and bushbuck to your collection.

Pricing - 7 Day

$7,450 for a 7 day safari, with 6 hunting days and 5 trophies (choice of 2 of the following: Cape Kudu, Gemsbuck, Red Hartebeest, Black or Blue wildebeest) PLUS 1 Common Springbuck, PLUS 1 Blesbuck, and PLUS on of the following: Impala or Mountain Reedbuck.

Pricing - 9 Day

$9,790 for a 9 day safari, with 8 hunting days and 7 trophies (choice of 3 of the following:  Cape Kudu, Black or Blue wildebeest, Gemsbuck, Red Hartebeest) PLUS choice of 1 of the following: White Springbuck or Black Springbuck, PLUS 1 Impala or Mountain Reedbuck, PLUS 1 Common Springbuck, PLUS 1 Blesbuck.


$9,900 for a 7 day hunt, with 6 hunting days. All inclusive Cape Buffalo hunt.


Observers are priced at $210/day.


Non-Hunting Days

On the non-hunting day (Sundays), you will have the choice of visiting nearby game preserves, relaxing at the on-site spa, or a leisurely barbeque

Additional Days

Additional day rates are $590 for 1x1 hunting and additional trophies can be taken for the applicable trophy fee.

Also Available

In addition to the above, the following species are available on a trophy fee basis:  bontebuck, eland, Fallow deer, grysbuck, Blue duiker, Copper springbuck, Red hartebeest klipspringer, Cape buffalo, sable, ostrich, Red lechwe, Vaal rhebuck, waterbuck, warthog, zebra and lynx.


March through November of each year.



1x1 professional hunter, trackers, skinners and a fully equipped safari vehicle, trophy fees for animals in the package, accommodations, meals, all beverages, license and all taxes, local tours, daily laundry and trophy care.



Fly into Port Elizabeth, South Africa, where you will be met at the airport.

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